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Welcome to the Repository of SalzWiki/SaltWiki

The Repository is the data storage of SalzWiki and SaltWiki for the purposes of research and instruction. Here authors can find, for example, analysis data, physical and chemical constants, and also graphics, photos, short videos and published and unpublished literature.

Only authors or members of the research association have access to this Repository. Interested parties from research and practice are invited to take part in SalzWiki/SaltWiki. If you have comments to make on particular pages, please log in and write your comments directly on the discussion page that is located on each SalzWiki/SaltWiki/Repository page.

If you have any general questions about the repository or comments, please get in touch with us.

In the SaltWiki/SalzWiki repository, you can find information which you as an author can use for your article in SaltWiki/SalzWiki in accordance with the license belonging to each document.

Please, always check the associated license.
Analytical Data
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